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Seven Star Dispensary

Here at Seven Star our primary focus and mission is to provide Canadians with an affordable and natural alternative to mainstream pharmaceutical medicine. We intend to do so by offering straight forward and simple methods of ordering the highest quality medicinal marijuana flowers and concentrates right to our customers doorsteps, while also providing up to date information and customer support that reflects our compassion and dedication to cannabis as an alternative medicine.

There are countless conditions that are effectively treated with the use of Medical Marijuana, such as (but are not limited to) chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea, seizure disorders, insomnia, eating disorders, anxiety, as well as various types of cancer and diabetes. Apart from treatments of these serious conditions use of Seven Star Products has proven to offer significant improvements to our customers overall well being and both physical and mental relaxation levels.

What sets Seven Star apart from other medicinal dispensaries? Our exceptional variety of product options, ranging anywhere from quality cannabis extracts (including Shatter, Budder, and Oil) to Topical Products, Non-Psychoactive options (CBD), Flowers (Buds), Edibles, and more. We are committed to being on the leading edge of Cannabis Medicine by making the newest advancements in the field available to each of our customers such as THC Distillates and CBD Isolates.

Seven Star is determined to bring change to the Medical Marijuana Industry. Dispensary standard pricing for extracts and isolates have been pushing these medicines out of the reach of average income households, and by doing so have set restrictions on who may or may not attain a natural means to treat their health conditions. It is our belief that the option to use natural medicines needs to become available to everyone regardless of their financial standing, or social class.

We are here to represent a new standard, in both quality and availability, and to ensure that the opportunity to live a healthy, pain and stress free life becomes an option to everyone.